Chocolate Malt Ball Cookies

Lots of Malt Ball Cookies

My dad is probably one of the hardest people to get a present for. He buys himself everything he needs or wants. He’s fussy about what he likes and doesn’t like. It’s nearly impossible to get an excited reaction out of him. The most success I’ve had is with my apple pie. But I know he loves malts, malt balls, anything malt flavored. So I decided to bake him a Christmas present. I somehow stumbled upon these chocolate malt ball cookies and figured they would be perfect. He liked them, but said if he had a choice, he’d pick chocolate chip cookies. Sigh. The search continues. I found them delicious. So did my brother and friends. I’ve been meaning to make them again since Christmas (gotta use up that malt powder that was almost impossible to find). Super Bowl Ski Weekend seemed like a good time.

Malt Batter The batter does have the consistency of frosting. I was a little bit worried the first time I made them. I have pans that bake things fast. I just monitored them and did them for maybe a minute less than suggested. None of my cookies turned out hard. I was a little disappointed as the malt balls melt. They’re not as chunky as chocolate chip cookies. Interestingly enough, they didn’t taste malty to me right after the oven, but a day or two later the flavor was really potent. I have a love/hate relationship with malt balls, but these cookies never fail to win me over.This time making them went off without a hitch. My only problem is that I was more interested in watching the new episode of Elementary instead of doling out batter. I’m bringing some to work tomorrow and the rest out to West Virginia for the ski weekend. Hopefully they’ll be a hit!

Batter on pan  Baked Malt Ball Cookies

Cooking Movie: Parks and Rec/Elementary


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