Lemon and Poppy Seed Muffins


All righty! Let’s hope this lemon/poppy seed combo works out better than the last time. I actually have lemons this time, so I feel that automatically makes things better. I’m going on a ski weekend to West Virginia this weekend with some friends. Lemon muffins seem like just the thing to much on before going out into the cold (mid to high 40s? What?). I found this recipe which is adapted from a recipe by Dorie Greenspan. The malt ball cookie recipe is also hers, so I feel like using another of her recipes is a safe bet. I don’t have time for icing (nor do I trust myself to pull it off), so I’m skipping that step.

The lemon zest smelled so good mixing it with the sugar. I bet something like that would be perfect for tea. I’ll have to try that. Hm. I’m a little worried. The batter doesn’t taste super lemony. It said only one lemon worth of juice. I thought about putting two in but didn’t want to over do it. And you can’t add more liquid in to the dough. Here’s hoping the zest and juice will combine in a lemony symphony. Oh yikes. Calcifer The oven got them a little toasty on top. I checked on them and then boom! Brown on top. Not too bad though. It just adds color.

Ok! They’re cool enough! I know I should save them for the weekend, but I have to taste one to report. They’re crunch on top and moist on the inside. No lemon though! There’s hardly a lemon whisper. What a bummer. I guess this is my curse, to make lemon-less lemon things. Or Trader Joe’s sold me faulty lemons? Other than that, they taste great! I’m resisting the urge to eat another one.

Time to finish packing and off to ski country!

Lemon Poppy Seed Batter  Baked Muffins

Cooking Movie: Howl’s Moving Castle


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