Or nachos really. I can’t be bothered to use the shells. The just crack anyway. Tortilla chips work just as well for me. No post yesterday, but don’t think I’m slacking! I made another brie grilled cheese last night. Apples and chocolate. It was delicious. Never would have thought those two would work together. And I made eggs and grits this morning! All this pan cleaning is exhausting. And now tacos. Belle really had all the luck with dishes that could clean themselves.

I am again using something from the wonderful Penzey’s. (I swear I’m not a paid spokesperson. Wish I was though.) Their taco seasoning is so addictive. I find myself thinking about taco meat all day waiting to get home to the left overs. It tastes even better the next day since it gets to absorb all the spices. I also think I have to give up on my phone’s camera. The photos are terrible. Time to dig the real one out of the closet. So expect better pictures in the future!

Cooking Movie: Almost Human (Seriously, if you’re not watching this, you need to!)


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