Chocolate Cake in a Cup

Cup O' Cake

Ooo I learned how to caption

I first made this the other night when I had this intense craving for chocolate. I had seen these cake in a mug recipes circling the internet, but never could muster up the interest to make them. Though I did go through a period where I’d cook eggs in mugs in the microwave. Some of those mugs still haven’t forgiven me. I found this recipe on FoodGakwer from Jillianstasia. I now know why she put a scoop of ice cream over her cake. It’s a disguise. The batter looks almost the same as the finished project. But it’s good molteny chocolate goodness. It tastes microwaved, but it’ll do in a pinch. Tonight I paired mine with milk. I looked like Joey from Friends trying to open it. Those cardboard cartons hate me. I used butter instead of vegetable oil which might account for it’s consistency. I never used vegetable oil, so I stopped buying it. I also used less sugar this time. Four tablespoons seemed excessive for so small a cake. I really didn’t notice much of a difference. Two tablespoons also seems like a lot of chocolate. But I don’t think there could ever be such a thing as too much chocolate.

Okra and Pork

Could I convince you I made this?

So I hope this isn’t technically cheating with my baking/cooking. The microwave totally counts, right? I went to a cheese restaurant for lunch yesterday. Anything I could have made after that would just seem paltry, so reheated tacos it was. We’re getting a ton of snow today and tomorrow, so I filled up on some comfort food at the local barbeque place on the way home from work tonight. I realized I hadn’t had barbeque (and more importantly, fried okra) in over a month, so that situation had to be rectified. I have nothing planned for tomorrow. I have enough stuff where I can bake something. I just don’t know what yet. My apartment has gotten a bit messy, so I’m using the forced confinement as a motivator to clean it top to bottom. It’s going to be a long day.

Oh! And I know I promised better pictures. I did in fact dig the camera out of the closet. The problem is that the battery is dead. The charger is also missing. I’m not going to point fingers, but Dad was the last one to use it when we went on the trip to Fallingwater. I suspect it may have gotten left in a hotel somewhere. Or maybe he’s testing me. I will try to fix this situation so you can get high res pictures of brownie mug goop in the future. 

Cooking Movie Music: Broadway Pandora Station (with a heavy Into the Woods emphasis)



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