Eggs and Grits

Eggs and GritsDear Reader, forgive me for yet again posting about making eggs. It technically isn’t cheating because I am cooking on the stove. It’s just not very exciting. It still kinda feels like cheating. I fully intended to bake something amazing yesterday. I wasn’t feeling well for most of the day. By the time I finally mustered up the energy, I decided that it was more important to clean the apartment. It is spotless. And now I’m afraid to use the kitchen because I don’t want to dirty it. I wanted to bake something tonight, but after having to dig my car out of the snow and a long day of work I just don’t have it in me. Plus this special about the National Theater came on PBS and I was gone. The eggs helped keep me going all day. I put pepper and Penzeys Fox Point seasoning in them. That’s my favorite seasoning from them. I put it in a lot of stuff. The grits are the microwavable kind with a little salt and butter added. The tea is Russian Earl Grey, kinda like a Lady Grey.


I promise I’ll do better in the future. Probably nothing again tomorrow, but Sunday I am making Swiss cheese fondue. And going to Eileen’s to pick up my cake! Monday is my birthday, so I’m planning to have friends over. I want to make something for that instead of just my usual Trader Joe’s frozen appetizer fare (though it is delicious!). I’m still trying to figure out what. TJ’s did get me free roses when I stopped by tonight. Getting rid of their Valentine’s stock. That made me smile. And make up for the fact that they were out of nearly everything after the storm. Another reason for me not to cook. My fridge is almost empty. I’m planning to make a trip to Wegman’s tomorrow. I’ve made a list so I’m ready to get lots of good stuff there. Here’s hoping for a better week of cooking!


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