Swiss Cheese Fondue

Swiss Cheese Fondue

I do fondue fairly often, but not often enough to recover from a miss if I try a cheese mixture that’s too daring. I’ve never been able to perfect cheddar fondue. Brie may be my ultimate love, but it failed me as a fondue. Swiss has always been the old tried and true. I usually go with a Gruyere, but decided to at least be a little adventurous this time. I went to the fancy cheese store a few days ago to pick out the cheese. I tasted a few of the stronger ones before settling on Appenzeller. I tried out a few of the milder ones, but decided to stick with the good old Emmentaler. It was a hit. We’ve never had cheese mix so well together and become the perfect consistency for fondue so fast. We usually have to stir for awhile before it complies. We will definitely be doing the Appenzeller again. I apologize for the pictures. We were way more concerned with eating it than posing with dippers artfully poised on our fondue forks. It’s eat or don’t. The cheese does not last long.

The recipe is basically the fairly simple classic fondue recipe. I use the Fondue Bible recipe. Rub the pot with garlic, cup of wine and lemon juice, 8 ounces of each cheese, kirschwasser or similar cherry liquor mixed with cornstarch (I definitely think the cherry liquor is a must. It really brings out the flavor of the cheese. Don’t scrimp on this step.), add nutmeg and pepper. For dippers we had a freshly baked baguette from Eileen’s, sweet salami, cauliflower, Granny Smith apples, broccoli, and pretzel rolls. The pretzel rolls didn’t taste very pretzely when covered with the cheese, so that was a bust.

We followed it up with the gorgeous Grand Marnier dark chocolate orange cake from Eileen’s. The cake was so beautiful. It was so rich and delicious. We had a good time hanging out, eating delicious food and talking. What a great way to celebrate my birthday!

Cooking Music: Classic Rock playlist featuring Jimi Hendrix

Grand Marnier Cake


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