Cheese Board

Cheese BoardNo cooking again today. But it’s my birthday. Surely I can be excused? I did put together this awesome cheese and hummus spread for my friends tonight. I got Wegman’s double cream buttery brie. It was delicious. I may have eaten at least half the wedge by myself. The goat cheese was herb flavored. I liked it better than I thought I would. The cheddar was kind of a grab bag. It was an impulse buy at Giant when I ran in to buy the hummus. It’s called Old Croc and is made in Australia, so I had to try it. It promised to have a bite to it. It definitely was sharper than most. I liked it, but it didn’t get much action. The hummus was also all gone at the end of the night. And followed it up with another round of my Grand Marnier cake! All in all, a good time.

Tomorrow I hope to make Hummus Crusted Chicken, but it’ll depend on how I feel after work. But know it will be coming this week!

Slice of CakeToday has been a good and crazy day. It started with touring a palace for books and ended with helping my friend get her trapped car out of a pile of snow. I decided to celebrate my birthday by going to things in DC that I’ve never been to before. President’s Day is one of two days that the Library of Congress opens their reading room to the public. It was gorgeous, overwhelming, and fascinating. I was not expecting there to be so much marble. And everything that wasn’t marble was painted. The opulence was overwhelming. It was neat though going through and learning what each of the statues and murals represented. Plus I saw Thomas Jefferson’s library. That was a highlight. Letters written by him and John Adams (Including one where he wrote “Good God!” The musical isn’t a total lie!). Gutenberg Bible, Mainz Bible, the first map ever to have the word America on it, the Gershwin’s piano, and a card catalog with 22 million cards in it. I also wandered over to the Capitol to see the dome and statues. Good timing too since they’re about to cover it for two years to restore it. I also walked (I always forget the Mall is a lot longer that it seems) to the American History Museum to check out Kermit and friends. They’ve since added Scooter, Swedish Chef, Oscar, Bert and Ernie, and Cookie Monster. It was cool to see them. Plus the new Presidents and First Ladies exhibits. And Julia Child’s kitchen! Maybe I’ll post pictures where I go on about how jealous I am over her amazing set up.

Assembly Music: Classic Rock with a Rock the Casbah focus


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