A Longish Absence

Apologies for going so long without a post. I have not abandoned you or my quest. I promise that the thought of the veggies and other foods that have gone bad in my fridge in the wake of this tragedy is torture enough. And the left over birthday cake I didn’t get to eat. I sadly contracted food poisoning. Something I ate on Tuesday. Not entirely sure what, but I have my theories. I was unable to cook anything for a day or so and then just completely unwilling after that. I haven’t quite gotten my appetite back. And I figured nobody would be interested in a post about Trader Joe’s chicken soup (I would recommend a pass on that. The rest of it is ok, but the chicken itself is icky), Trader Joe’s apples and cinnamon oatmeal (a surprise success!), or crackers. My Jasmine mint tea was a life saver.

So here’s hoping I’ll get my appetite back soon and be back on our regularly scheduled program. Hummus crusted chicken– soon!


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