Lemon Shortbread

Lemon ShortbreadDay two in the chronicles of Let’s Make Something Out of Whatever Is In My Fridge. When I bought lemons for fondue and hummus crusted chicken, they had a four for two dollars deal. One got used for the fondue, but as you know the hummus crusted chicken has yet to be made. So I had two lemons just hanging out. What to make? Shortbread! I made the first recipe that came up on Google from Pinch My Salt. Super easy recipe. I like it. I halved it since there’s no possible way I can eat five dozen shortbread cookies (though I probably would try). I went ahead and used all of the zest from two lemons as everything lemony I make seems to lack true lemon flavor. I won’t be bothered if I over do it.

So far the batter tastes good, but I really think it’s impossible to mess up butter, sugar, and flour. I did have to add extra butter though to the halved recipe. The batter wouldn’t come together. It stayed crumbly. I added three tablespoons of melted butter and then it obliged me by forming into a ball. Smells good. I cut my slices a little bit thinner, so the cooking time was a few minutes shorter. They are good. Buttery and crunchy. But again that lemon flavor I crave so badly escapes me. Maybe it’s just me and my taste buds wanting everything lemony to taste like lemon curd. They are pretty lemony though. And good with tea!

Cooking Movie: Pride and Prejudice


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