Hummus Crusted Chicken









I finally did it! The ever promised hummus crusted chicken. So delicious. The zucchini and squash hadn’t gone bad yet, so I sauteed that too. They go so well together. I’ve made this a few times. When I made it before, I made it with the zucchini and squash on the bottom with the chicken on top in the baking dish. My new cooking dish is small, so it wouldn’t have fit. The new dish barely fit the chicken breast. I’ve made it with a few different hummuses. I tried Sun Dried Tomato, but it melted off. I’d had a lot of success with the Trader Joe’s Kalamata Olive hummus, but tonight it melted off. I must not have layered it thick enough. It needs to be thick like 1/4 of an inch thick. Still tasted amazing though. I put salt and pepper on there and then was suddenly inspired to try out my new seasoning Mural of Flavor (from Penzey’s, of course). I’m not sure if I tasted it, but the chicken was delicious. I baked it for 25 minutes at 450. I got a peanut butter chocolate cupcake to eat after dinner tonight to celebrate the Oscars, but I felt like I’d earned it when I finally got home and already ate it. For some reason I like peanut butter mousse more than peanut butter.

Cooking Movie: Oscars Red Carpet Pre-Show (Flipping between broadcasts. Leonard Maltin geeking out over Gravity on the CW feed is hilarious.)


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