Sneak Preview

Blue White Chocolate

Sneak preview time! I, uh, meant to post this earlier, but I’ve been busy catching Pokemon. Up to 83 on my own volition!  I’ve got something really fun planned for Thursday. I did a small test run tonight to see if I could add food coloring gel to white chocolate. It was a success! I normally would never touch white chocolate, but what I’m making is white and blue which makes white chocolate a must. And I don’t trust those Wilton candy melts. I want as good a quality ‘chocolate’ as I can get. I went with Lindtt. They actually have cocoa butter in the ingredients. I’m even going to make a milk chocolate peanut butter nemesis to go with it. I used to be pretty good at making chocolate molds. A run of making a ton of them made me quit. It’s been so long I didn’t even get to use the new spatula I bought for the process. I have to say it’s the perfect size. It scrapes the chocolate out so much better than a spoon. I’m excited. I think things are going to go well on Thursday. As long as I can get the cooling time on white chocolate right. Stay tuned!


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