Meyer Lemon Muffins


With those Meyer lemons ticking away in my fridge, I knew it was time to finally make these. I found this recipe last week, but have been too tired/lazy to do any cooking (though I did make more peanut butter filled Darth Vader’s last night!). I found this recipe on the Los Angeles Times website.  After a quick nap on the sofa after work, I got started on these. It’s a pretty easy and standard muffin recipe. The only different thing is that you pulverize the lemons and put them in the batter pulp and all. I’m guessing the skin will be sweet kind of like an orange, so pulverizing will make them taste nice and lemony. Maybe finally I’ll be able to get that intense in your face lemon flavor I’ve been craving all this time.

Yay Muffins!

Yay Muffins!

Omg what happened to my muffins?

Omg what happened to my muffins?

The baking time seems long to me. 30 minutes. Especially since there’s enough batter for more muffins, and I only have one pan. I wasn’t feeling brave enough to try to halve the recipe. It just never works out for me. Ha. Good things I always check on things while they’re baking. I read 30 minutes on the website. I just checked them after twenty. The lemons I cut and put on top are melted. The top is really brown, but that I attribute to the cinnamon. I also used liners instead of buttering the pan. I’m glad I did. It’s super stuck to the paper. The outside tastes burned, while the inside is mushy. I only took one out. I think I might put the pan back in the oven to see if that firms up the inside. I’m so disappointed. I don’t know what I could have done wrong. Were the lemons not pulverized enough? Did I mix the batter too much? This is extremely frustrating. The cupcake liners are extremely oily. Maybe I melted the butter too much? When they cooled, they got a little less gooey in the middle. But the combination of the pulp and the burnedness make them taste kind of sour.

The left over batter made enough for three more. After about ten minutes in they were peaked like muffins. I let them go for another two minutes. By that time they’d flattened. The fork is clear when I stick it in so I pulled them out. I don’t feel like tasting another, so I peeled back the paper. It looks about the same on the inside. I have no idea what went wrong. If any of you can figure that out, let me know. Now I’m scared to try something else. I wasted three lemons on these. Plus all the flour/butter/sugar. And I should probably just pitch them. I guess I should have made the Dorie Greenspan poppy seed recipe. That I know I can do. Boo. What a disappointment. Now I have nothing to bring in to work tomorrow too. I should have made more breakfast cookies. I bought proper oats. Maybe I’ll make those tomorrow.

Cooking Movie: Man of Steel (Ok, there’s something seriously wrong with your movie if the entire first hour is just back story. Do you we really need to learn Superman’s origin story again? And I’m sorry. No one can be Zod except Terrance Stamp. Give me 70s camp over gritty realism any day.)


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