Baked Apples

Baked ApplesI finally finished rereading Emma yesterday. Anyone who has ever read it will know that Miss Bates goes on and on for pages about apples and Mr. Woodhouse’s insistance that the best way to eat them is baked. I even did a presentation about food in Emma where my partner and I baked apples for the class (And we only got a B. What kind of impossibly high standards?). I’ve finally gotten my appetite back and got the urge to cook something. There were two apples in the back of my fridge needing to get eaten, so apples it was! I found this Emma inspired recipe on the PBS website.  I’m afraid I’ll disappoint Mr. Woodhouse by not baking them three times. Just 30 minutes. I also have no nuts (which is astonishing. I always have nuts! Time to replenish my stores) and no raisins (ick). My apples are just stuffed with cinnamon, nutmeg, and brown sugar. Tastes just like a baked apple. Definitely not as good as Mr. Knightley’s apples, but it’ll do. I have a feeling I’ll try my hand at this again in the future, so next time I’ll get the proper fillings. And ice cream!

This was just right for an impromptu nudge back into cooking. I also like the idea of literary influenced dishes. Part of my problem is that I’m floundering to come up with good things to make every week. Maybe that would be a good direction. Maybe at least one literary inspired thing a week? Unlike Miss Bates, I don’t see salted hindquarter of pork in my future. And my literary pursuits are going to be fairly 18th century focused for quite some time. I’ve vowed to get through Udolpho. I want to reread Clarissa. Finally read Cecelia. And on and on. I just need the time!

Cooking Movie: Persuasion (Only suffering through it for Ciaran Hinds. My heart is aching for Anne)