Lemon Poppy Seed Cake

Lemon Poppy Seed Cake


When looking for new recipes, the first place I always check out is FoodGawker. I love being able to browse by looking at pictures of food and by what ingredients I have on hand. I always seem to be out of something, but I never let that stop me when I’m in the mood to cook.

My brother gave me a gift card to Penzeys for Christmas. I stocked up on lemon extract and poppy seeds in the hopes of making lots of delectable treats (hopefully craving lemon isn’t a sign of anything). Tonight was the night! I found this recipe on Sweetsonian (doubly appropriate since I also live in the DC area). It didn’t call for milk or yogurt. It was fairly easy to make. I just wish there was an easy and fast way to get butter to get to room temperature. The waiting is the worst part for me. The extract tasted a bit alcoholy to me in the batter, but I hoped it would burn off.

Eating the first piece now! It’s dense. A bit crunchy (the recommended hour and twenty minute baking time seemed excessive to me. I stopped it at an hour. I think it could have used a bit less time in the oven). Hm a bit salty too. There’s no taste of lemon. Ah well! That’s what I get for using extract instead of zest. Time to find a different recipe.

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