Chocolate R2-D2s and Darth Vaders

White Chocolate R2 + Peanut Butter VadersSo I guess when I said Thursday I meant next Thursday. I did make these last week, but I also made an accordion album and rosettes for a bridal shower that night which left me too tired to write a coherent post. And I’ve been working/tired since. But I finally posted!

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Eggs… Again

20140324-222944.jpgYes, eggs again. I know. But it’s one of my specialties. I do it so well. Can’t go out without having a well balanced breakfast. The sausage is Trader Joe’s Chardonnay and apple chicken sausage. I’m not a big fan of this one. It seems a bit heavier/greasier than the others I’ve had from there. Good old Foxpoint seasoning in the eggs. Mmm so good. Harney and Sons Earl Grey Tea.

Going to make cookies tomorrow! That’s a promise. We’re getting a smidge of snow tomorrow, so it’s safer to stay inside (Not because of the snow, but the bad drivers.)

Cooking Movie: Galaxy Quest (“Those poor people.”)


Hummus Crusted Chicken









I finally did it! The ever promised hummus crusted chicken. So delicious. The zucchini and squash hadn’t gone bad yet, so I sauteed that too. They go so well together. I’ve made this a few times. When I made it before, I made it with the zucchini and squash on the bottom with the chicken on top in the baking dish. My new cooking dish is small, so it wouldn’t have fit. The new dish barely fit the chicken breast. I’ve made it with a few different hummuses. I tried Sun Dried Tomato, but it melted off. I’d had a lot of success with the Trader Joe’s Kalamata Olive hummus, but tonight it melted off. I must not have layered it thick enough. It needs to be thick like 1/4 of an inch thick. Still tasted amazing though. I put salt and pepper on there and then was suddenly inspired to try out my new seasoning Mural of Flavor (from Penzey’s, of course). I’m not sure if I tasted it, but the chicken was delicious. I baked it for 25 minutes at 450. I got a peanut butter chocolate cupcake to eat after dinner tonight to celebrate the Oscars, but I felt like I’d earned it when I finally got home and already ate it. For some reason I like peanut butter mousse more than peanut butter.

Cooking Movie: Oscars Red Carpet Pre-Show (Flipping between broadcasts. Leonard Maltin geeking out over Gravity on the CW feed is hilarious.)


Lemon Curd

Day three of Fridge Chronicles. How much longer can I drag these lemons out? Thankfully not much longer. The thought of skinless lemons just sitting in my fridge bothered me. I searched for recipes that called for lemon juice, but didn’t feel up to going through all the effort for most things. Lemon curd sounded amazing, but most of the recipes seemed complicated/labor intensive. Enter King Arthur Microwave Lemon Curd. Now I’m pretty sure I failed this one. I tried to halve it since I really don’t need to eat two cups of lemon curd nor do I have enough lemons. I realized I had no microwave safe bowl big enough (add that to the growing list of kitchen supplies I need– toaster, baking dishes, bowls), so I used my glass measuring cup. I’m pretty sure I over cooked it. The egg whites congealed on the top. I think I also went over the cooking time by a minute or two. It got all boily and hot and sticky. Which is part of the curding process I’m guessing? I have to wait for it to cool and then sit in the fridge for a bit before it’s achieved proper curdness. I’ll try some on an English muffin in the morning. The egg bits just make it better, right? Next time I’ll make a full recipe. Or one that’s cooked on the stove.

Cooking Movie: Elementary


Eggs and Grits

Eggs and GritsDear Reader, forgive me for yet again posting about making eggs. It technically isn’t cheating because I am cooking on the stove. It’s just not very exciting. It still kinda feels like cheating. I fully intended to bake something amazing yesterday. I wasn’t feeling well for most of the day. By the time I finally mustered up the energy, I decided that it was more important to clean the apartment. It is spotless. And now I’m afraid to use the kitchen because I don’t want to dirty it. I wanted to bake something tonight, but after having to dig my car out of the snow and a long day of work I just don’t have it in me. Plus this special about the National Theater came on PBS and I was gone. The eggs helped keep me going all day. I put pepper and Penzeys Fox Point seasoning in them. That’s my favorite seasoning from them. I put it in a lot of stuff. The grits are the microwavable kind with a little salt and butter added. The tea is Russian Earl Grey, kinda like a Lady Grey.

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Or nachos really. I can’t be bothered to use the shells. The just crack anyway. Tortilla chips work just as well for me. No post yesterday, but don’t think I’m slacking! I made another brie grilled cheese last night. Apples and chocolate. It was delicious. Never would have thought those two would work together. And I made eggs and grits this morning! All this pan cleaning is exhausting. And now tacos. Belle really had all the luck with dishes that could clean themselves.

I am again using something from the wonderful Penzey’s. (I swear I’m not a paid spokesperson. Wish I was though.) Their taco seasoning is so addictive. I find myself thinking about taco meat all day waiting to get home to the left overs. It tastes even better the next day since it gets to absorb all the spices. I also think I have to give up on my phone’s camera. The photos are terrible. Time to dig the real one out of the closet. So expect better pictures in the future!

Cooking Movie: Almost Human (Seriously, if you’re not watching this, you need to!)


Apple and Brie Grilled Cheese

Brie Grilled CheeseAgain, apologizes for nothing exciting tonight either. It’s delicious though. The ladies at Eileen’s talked me into buying a fresh loaf of bread yesterday. Butter wheat fresh from the oven. I couldn’t say no. So I had to come up with some way to use it! Brie is my absolute favorite cheese. I realized I couldn’t even remember the last time I ‘d had any, so I figured it was a must for tonight. I made it the lazy way, via a George Forman. It got a little brown because I was distracted by figure skating. So good. I might postpone tomorrow’s planned meal to Monday just so I can have another.

Cooking Movie: Olympics Figure Skating/Slopestyle