When the new year started, I decided to make some resolutions to change things in my life. I’ve gotten complacent. I decided that one of the easiest things I could do was resolve to cook more. Not only will it save money, it will also potentially be healthier. It’s super easy to just pop in another Trader Joe’s frozen dinner or Amy’s Mac and Cheese, but they probably aren’t too good for me despite their deliciousness. So I’m going to try to either bake or cook something every day! Or at least every other day? Definitely with more regularity than I have been. I bake fairly often (key lime pie and apple pie are often requested), but never cook. I’m challenging myself to do both! Help me stay accountable. I also always have a movie or something on in the background while I’m cooking to make noise. I’ll list that as well. Just keep in mind I’m probably only actually watching about ten minutes tops of it. Listening to a movie is a whole different experience.