Meyer Lemon Muffins


With those Meyer lemons ticking away in my fridge, I knew it was time to finally make these. I found this recipe last week, but have been too tired/lazy to do any cooking (though I did make more peanut butter filled Darth Vader’s last night!). I found this recipe on the Los Angeles Times website.  After a quick nap on the sofa after work, I got started on these. It’s a pretty easy and standard muffin recipe. The only different thing is that you pulverize the lemons and put them in the batter pulp and all. I’m guessing the skin will be sweet kind of like an orange, so pulverizing will make them taste nice and lemony. Maybe finally I’ll be able to get that intense in your face lemon flavor I’ve been craving all this time. Continue reading


Lemon Curd

Day three of Fridge Chronicles. How much longer can I drag these lemons out? Thankfully not much longer. The thought of skinless lemons just sitting in my fridge bothered me. I searched for recipes that called for lemon juice, but didn’t feel up to going through all the effort for most things. Lemon curd sounded amazing, but most of the recipes seemed complicated/labor intensive. Enter King Arthur Microwave Lemon Curd. Now I’m pretty sure I failed this one. I tried to halve it since I really don’t need to eat two cups of lemon curd nor do I have enough lemons. I realized I had no microwave safe bowl big enough (add that to the growing list of kitchen supplies I need– toaster, baking dishes, bowls), so I used my glass measuring cup. I’m pretty sure I over cooked it. The egg whites congealed on the top. I think I also went over the cooking time by a minute or two. It got all boily and hot and sticky. Which is part of the curding process I’m guessing? I have to wait for it to cool and then sit in the fridge for a bit before it’s achieved proper curdness. I’ll try some on an English muffin in the morning. The egg bits just make it better, right? Next time I’ll make a full recipe. Or one that’s cooked on the stove.

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Lemon Shortbread

Lemon ShortbreadDay two in the chronicles of Let’s Make Something Out of Whatever Is In My Fridge. When I bought lemons for fondue and hummus crusted chicken, they had a four for two dollars deal. One got used for the fondue, but as you know the hummus crusted chicken has yet to be made. So I had two lemons just hanging out. What to make? Shortbread! I made the first recipe that came up on Google from Pinch My Salt. Super easy recipe. I like it. I halved it since there’s no possible way I can eat five dozen shortbread cookies (though I probably would try). I went ahead and used all of the zest from two lemons as everything lemony I make seems to lack true lemon flavor. I won’t be bothered if I over do it.

So far the batter tastes good, but I really think it’s impossible to mess up butter, sugar, and flour. I did have to add extra butter though to the halved recipe. The batter wouldn’t come together. It stayed crumbly. I added three tablespoons of melted butter and then it obliged me by forming into a ball. Smells good. I cut my slices a little bit thinner, so the cooking time was a few minutes shorter. They are good. Buttery and crunchy. But again that lemon flavor I crave so badly escapes me. Maybe it’s just me and my taste buds wanting everything lemony to taste like lemon curd. They are pretty lemony though. And good with tea!

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Lemon Pepper Chicken

Lemon Pepper Chicken

Apologies for no lasagna tonight. I’m really procrastinating on it. Tomorrow most likely. I’ll do the prep before I go to work and then bake it when I come home. I also forgot about the chicken that I bought, so I needed to use that up. This is just simple drum sticks baked in the oven covered with lemon pepper and butter. I am addicted to Penzey’s lemon pepper. I would gladly put it on everything.

Cooking Movie: Almost Human (PSA: If you aren’t watching this show, you need to. Karl Urban and Michael Ealy are adorable. Plus it’s fun and exciting.)


Lemon and Poppy Seed Muffins


All righty! Let’s hope this lemon/poppy seed combo works out better than the last time. I actually have lemons this time, so I feel that automatically makes things better. I’m going on a ski weekend to West Virginia this weekend with some friends. Lemon muffins seem like just the thing to much on before going out into the cold (mid to high 40s? What?). I found this recipe which is adapted from a recipe by Dorie Greenspan. The malt ball cookie recipe is also hers, so I feel like using another of her recipes is a safe bet. I don’t have time for icing (nor do I trust myself to pull it off), so I’m skipping that step.

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Lemon Poppy Seed Cake

Lemon Poppy Seed Cake


When looking for new recipes, the first place I always check out is FoodGawker. I love being able to browse by looking at pictures of food and by what ingredients I have on hand. I always seem to be out of something, but I never let that stop me when I’m in the mood to cook.

My brother gave me a gift card to Penzeys for Christmas. I stocked up on lemon extract and poppy seeds in the hopes of making lots of delectable treats (hopefully craving lemon isn’t a sign of anything). Tonight was the night! I found this recipe on Sweetsonian (doubly appropriate since I also live in the DC area). It didn’t call for milk or yogurt. It was fairly easy to make. I just wish there was an easy and fast way to get butter to get to room temperature. The waiting is the worst part for me. The extract tasted a bit alcoholy to me in the batter, but I hoped it would burn off.

Eating the first piece now! It’s dense. A bit crunchy (the recommended hour and twenty minute baking time seemed excessive to me. I stopped it at an hour. I think it could have used a bit less time in the oven). Hm a bit salty too. There’s no taste of lemon. Ah well! That’s what I get for using extract instead of zest. Time to find a different recipe.

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