Spritz Cookies

Dough, Cookies, PressI know, I know. Christmas cookies in March? But I promised myself I’d make this. It took me this long to get around to it. The backstory for this is that I brought Mom’s cookie press back with me after Thanksgiving with the intention of making assorted Christmas cookies to give out to everybody. My mom never makes spritz cookies because she hates using the press, so this was no loss to her. She gets together with her friend every year to make Christmas cookies and lets her friend make the spritz. Usually wreaths and Christmas trees. They’re my second favorite after pecan puffs. So I made some for a Christmas party using the recipe provided by Williams Sonoma. I didn’t like it very much, so I asked Mom for Aunt Donna’s. But because the recipe made so many cookies and I’d gotten frustrated with the press, I decided to just make pecan puffs. Those are amazing, and I can make them in my sleep. So the spritz never got made. Until today! It’s my mom’s birthday, so I figured it’d be an appropriate thing to make.

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Vegetable Soup


It may not be pretty, but it sure is delicious. This is one of my mom’s recipes. Basically just put a bunch of vegetables in a pot with water and spices and let it cook. I made this two weeks ago and decided to make another smaller batch with the frozen leftover meat and vegetables since I had halved the recipe. That’s why there’s no potatoes (I made those into mashed potatoes last week). Still good though! In addition to the ketchup, I put in salt, pepper, thyme, Penzey’s Northwoods seasoning (yum!), and sweet curry powder. I love vegetables, but the sauce is my favorite part. So good! Followed it up with the lemon poppy seed cake. The soft bits that didn’t get over baked in the middle are good. Still no lemon taste, but at least it’s not salty.

Cooking Movie: Tootsie