Breakfast Cookies

Breakfast Cookies

I bookmarked this recipe way back in January. I can’t quite remember how I found it, but I think it was googling that Deer Valley turkey chilli recipe since the blog is from High Altitude Cooking who is based in Park City. I’m always looking for good filling breakfasty things. I get paranoid about not being able to eat at work, so I try to eat what protein I can to last me through. These I can grab on the way to work or munch one quickly when I need a pick me up.

Raw Breakfast CookiesI didn’t feel like buying a new bag of whole wheat flour (since I barely go through what I have now), so I just used all purpose. I also just had light brown sugar, so hopefully that doesn’t make too much of a difference. I don’t like most fruits, so I had to come up with something other than Craisins. The dried fruit section at Trader Joe’s was disappointingly limited, but I decided to brave the orange flavored cranberries. I’ll tolerate cranberries and I love anything orange flavored. Instead of cheddar cheese (still hesitant to try it with sweet things), I did half a cup of almonds and half a cup of pecans (my favorite nuts). And no one explained to this sweet summer child that steel cut oatmeal is different. So that is what I bought. Hopefully it’ll still taste good even though it’s chopped up? I wish I’d had regular oatmeal flakes though. I did pause wondering what the difference between old fashioned and steel cut was, but decided to get steel cut because it’s trendy and therefore must be good. Plus the pictures on the cover were almost exactly the same. I guess I won’t be using the rest to make granola like I was hoping.

Baked Breakfast CookiesThey’re still baking. They smell good. I might have put too much cinnamon in it, but I’m pretty sure that’s never a problem. Out of the oven! Time to taste them. Oh wow. They are good. They have a weird texture because of the steel cut oatmeal, but other than that they are great! I don’t hate the cranberries. Hurray for having something to eat for breakfast! They are a little sweet. You could probably cut back a little on the sugar if you wanted something a bit heartier. I can’t wait to try this again with real oatmeal.

But yay for being able to use my camera. I’m so excited. Make sure you click on them so you can see everything nice and big. The textures! The detail! My skills are probably lacking. I am just using the auto setting, but it’s so nice to have clear high res pictures.Uh, but when searching for the USB cord, I found the original charger buried deep in my computer bag…. don’t tell my dad. He helped me find a new one. My excuse is valid, but very flimsy! It’s supposed to live in my camera bag!

Cooking Movie: Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (Starz needs to get some better movies. Though the dialogue is hilarious when you hear it in the kitchen. I’d somehow forgotten Alan Rickman was in it. Yikes all around)


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